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Teachers Use Google Classroom during the Covid-19 Outbreak - CompTECHS %

During a period of national lockdown, most Pupils will be learning remotely. At Summerhill Infant School we use Google Classroom as a platform to teach and support children whilst they have to learn from home. We also use Google Classroom as a way of providing learning for those who need to self-isolate, outside of a national lockdown.


All children and families have received log in details for Google Classroom, allowing them to access their learning online where possible.


During a national lockdown, you should expect:

Live ‘check in’ sessions: Every school day morning, the Teacher will lead a class ‘check in’ session. During this session the Teacher will take a register so the school are aware of who is attending and engaging with these sessions. The Teacher will always go through the learning that has been uploaded onto Google Classroom for the day.  Depending on the learning the Teacher has seen from the previous day, they may choose to provide some verbal feedback to support children’s progress or they may lead a short session where they teach/model a particular activity or skill that will support the children with the tasks for that day.

This ‘check in’ will last roughly 20 – 30 minutes every school day and will take place at the following time:

     Reception – 10.00 am

     Year 1 – 9.00 am

     Year 2 – 11.00 am

Recorded teaching: We are launching some recorded teaching videos that will be uploaded onto Google Classroom for your child to watch at a convenient time during the day.

Printed paper packs (if required): Printed packs of the learning that is being uploaded on Google Classroom to support children without a device or internet. We are also offering differentiated paper packs where required.

Reading books: It is really important for children to keep reading over lockdown. We are signposting Parents/Carers to the following website, which offers free ebooks for children to read whilst they are learning from home: 

Parents/Carers can also borrow reading books from the school during lockdown. Please e-mail or call the school in advance so the Class Teacher can organise for an appropriate book to be left in the school office, ready for collection.


School support: We are here to offer our support. Please do contact us if you require further assistance, for example, to inform us that you do not have a device or Wi-Fi. You can contact us via email or you can call the school office on 0117 9030243.

You can find out more about our home learning provision by clicking on the document below, titled ‘Remote education provision: information for parents/carers.’